Customizing the Verify UI and UX
Our flows subclass SimpleScanViewController and you can customize them by either subclassing VerifyCardViewController or VerifyCardAddViewController and overriding functions, or you can instantiate these classes and access member variables directly. Please see our Customization guide for more details on customizing the SimpleScanViewController base class, or see this section for customizing the remaining components.


By default, we provide internationalization support and translations for all of our strings in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Hindi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Indonesian. However, if you want to set strings yourself, you can do so by using the settings in CardScan, or by setting the following fields to meet your localization needs:
Default Value
Button displayed at the bottom of the scan window for users to enter their details manually instead of by scanning.
Enter details manually
Instructions displayed when a card is scanned that does not match the required card.
Card doesn't match
Title text of the explanation view controller
We need you to confirm this card
Subtitle text of the explanation view controller
Get your card ready so you can scan it with your phone. This helps us keep your account secure.
Close button text
Scan button text
Scan my card
Pay another way button text
Try to pay another way

Updating UI components

In addition to customizing the UI components from SimpleScanViewController you can also update the components from the Verify ViewControllers. Please reach out to Bouncer to discuss options for this and to get more information.